My day didn’t get better :(


General – 

Thx to Frangipani Girl for your great idea for my narrative. 🙂

Today I’m going to do a flashback to some of my hilarious but also embarrassing primary school memories. Please comment down below if you have any funny memories you would like to contribute.

  1. In Kindy I someone put a whoopee cushion on our teachers chair. She noticed it but sat down anyway. We all cracked up despite this.
  2. One of the girls in my year six class said to me “I’m going to smash you at cross country this year!”. LOL moment as I crossed the finish line WAY before her. 🙂 🙂
  3. We all had to stand in a circle and dance with some of the guys as part of the year six farewell and one of the guys in my class looked down at me and said “Wow. You are REALLY short!”. OH I’M SORRY I WAS BORN THIS WAY, WELL MAYBE YOU’RE JUST TOO TALL!!!!! (I said that in my head).
  4. Last one …………   When we were dancing in our of our school plays all the girls got together and my mum took heaps of pictures. I was going through them the other day and couldn’t help cracking up because some of the boys had photobombed in the background.

I hoped you like some of my flashbacks. I hoped you laughed at, at least one of them or I’ll think you have no sense of humor at all.

School – 

I FORGOT MY COMPUTER TODAY. OOPS. 😦 😦 During English we had to set up the tables in the hall for the year seven parent teacher interviews. WHY COULDN’T THE YEAR SEVENS DO IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!! The the deputy came round 45 min later and started pushing the tables around and ordering us about. ITS LIKE WELL WHY CAN’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF? BUT GOOD THING WAS WE DID NO ENGLISH AND WE DIDN’T GET MATH HOMEWORK. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY 🙂 (sorry if you get a headache from all the caps)

Social Life – 

Not much happened. 😦 😦

Reading – 


Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I give Girl Online 4/5

It was very inspiring but SPOLIERS!!!! There was a little too much kissing. (I’m sorry people who really enjoy romantic stuff). Her story was very inspiring and Zoe wrote very descriptively. I hope to use some similar techniques in my story writing in the future. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT ONE!!!!:) 🙂

I have now started Skating Shoes by Noel Streatfield.

Writing – 

Here is the next snippet of My Boyfriend Sam

Previously …

Beep, beep, beep goes my insanely irritating alarm clock piercing my eardrums. I slowly get up and trudge towards my shiny white bathroom. I splash the freezing cold water over my face waking myself up and get into the shower. The noise of running water drowns out my thoughts and I stay in the shower for 15 minutes even though I know my parents will complain about the waste of ‘precious’ water. I pull on a low revealing top and some super short shorts, brush my golden yellow hair and put on some red sparkly high heels complete with a tiny pink shoulder bag. Flipping my shoulder-length hair out of my eyes I confidently stride out the door. I pull off my really tall heels and gallop down the stairs like a horse running from hunters. My dad appears right behind me, laughing I knock over a $450 Ming vase and leave my dad in its wait. I fling open the elaborate wooden carved door and dash outside. Waving goodbye to my astonished mum I hop into Sam’s car and kiss him. The kiss is sweet, soft and makes my heart flutter. He pulls out of the drive and swerves to avoid my grumpy grandma who is meant to be staying the day. Oops I think.“Where to?” he asks.“Anywhere away from my parents,” I reply grinning. He turns a sharp left and we speed away into the unknown.The city rushes past in a blur, tall buildings, medium buildings and small buildings. The car in comparison seems miniscule to these giants. We finally stop at an amusement park and get out of the car. As neither of us have any money we have to sneak past the good looking guys. All I have to do is flirt with one of them and they let us in. 1000 000 rides later all thoughts of my family are banished.


Added Part

I finally see sense at about four in the morning.  “Shit. Mum’s going to kill me,” I say to Sam in a scared voice as we are on the ‘scariest’ rollercoaster in the world. Unfortunately I can’t stop and get off in the middle of an upside-down loop.  “Babe. It’s ok nothing bad is gonna happen to you. After this ride and a drink I’ll drive ya back home,” Sam replies wrapping his muscular arm around me. I sigh and slump down in my seat listening to the ominous pinging of my phone. When the not so scary ride ends Sam hastily grabs a cider from one of his mates and we walk hurriedly towards his ancient Jeep and drive off into the sun on the horizon. When I am stone drunk and giggly we finally arrive back at my gloomy house. “I’ll leave you here babe. Don’t want you getting in any more trouble than you’re already in”says Sam opening my door and bowing to me. I laugh a walk slowly with lurching steps towards my house. I see my mum looking as frail as ever staring down out of the window at me. I turn around throw a kiss at Sam and listen as he toots his blaring horn and drives away.I knock on the door and when no-one answers the whole world comes crashing down on me.  “MUM, MUM, MUM! HELP ME I’M DROWNING!” I scream and holler as I collapse in a heap on the scratchy doormat. I hear the sudden thudding of someone racing down the stairs and I faint, letting myself be dragged into a silent dark world…


Music – 

My favourite Eurovision songs this year are

  • Amir – J’ai cherché
  •  Sound of Silence by Dami Im

Comment below and tell me which songs are your favourite.

Final Satement – 

I am so happy I started this blog even if not many people read it. I really glad that I can just be open about my day and opinions. Thx to anyone who reads my blog. 🙂 🙂

Bye bye,

Millamarshmallow Xx



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