Waiting for the bus :0 :0

Hi Peeps,

General – 

I would like to give a special mention to Frangipani Girl’s new website. Drumroll please. …http://oceanangelphotographyandlifestyle.wordpress.com

So if u like my blog you should check hers out as we are practically twins. 😮  😮

School – 

School was a lot better today. 🙂 My friend Willow and I always run to the bus in the afternoons because we won’t get a seat otherwise. Today our deputy Mrs Djd was looking at our skirt lengths. She said they were so good we could win an award. Yay (not). Since when is that going to help us at job interviews and stuff. I mean just because I have an award for my appropriate clothes isn’t going to change the world. So basically what I’m trying to say isn’t DON’T EVEN BOTHER!!!! Oh and I also HATE the people that stop at the second opal card thingy near the front of the bus and wait for it to turning. It’s like why can’t you just go to the first one so we aren’t going to have to push past you. 😡  😡

Social life – 

Is this for out of school? Whatever. My sister Pia is sick yet she gets to eat lots of rocky road and watch movies. IT IS SO UNFAIR CAUSE I GET NONE. 😡😡

Dance – 

I will only post stuff about dance on Monday, Friday and Saturday cause I have dance on those days.

Reading – 

Haven’t finished Girl Online yet BUT IT IS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I LOVE IT. 🙂 🙂

Writing – 

I started writing this and haven’t finished but I think it’s ok. Plz excuse the tile I didn’t know what to call it. NO COPYING. P.S – Spell check hates me 😦 😦

My boyfriend Sam

Ding-dong went the doorbell. I got out of the warm comforting bed and walked anxiously to the door. I turned the rusty key in the lock and the door opened.  “Where have you been?” cried my parents their worried faces filling my heart.  “Nowhere,” I replied shrugging my shoulders my heart deflating again. To my dismay Sam stumbles out of his bedroom and into the small dusty corridor.  “And you are?” asks my dad standing tall and proud next to my tiny mother.  “Sam. Jessie’s boyfriend, ”he says shaking my dads hand in his strong grip. I glare at him furiously as my dad pulls me out into the damp weather outside.  “Bye Jessie,” he calls making love heart signs at me. I can’t seem to stop giggling and wave goodbye to him. Then my grumpy dad, stupefied mum and I get into the posh black limo. Everyone is silent the whole way home.

When we reach my beautiful angelic home our butler appears in his pinstriped suit. He gracefully opens the door and I rush through pushing him roughly to one side. He tumbles over and falls on his fat belly. I laugh wickedly and dash up the red-carpeted stairs, slam my door shut and lock it.  “I’m never coming out again,” I laugh triumphantly. I reach into my mini fridge and pull out a coke. Lifting the can up I gulp it down, the fizziness rushes down my throat. Turning on my massive flat screen T.V I flop down on my goose feathered bed. The news comes up on the screen with a super ugly presenter. With nothing better to do I turn it up and listen. Apparently some creep is going around and dating rich young families daughters then dumping them and stealing their money.  “Sounds creepy,” I said to myself.  “Sam would never do that,” I promise myself convincingly. I lie back down on my fluffy bed and close my eyes. Before I know it I am fast asleep and completely oblivious to my surroundings.

Beep, beep, beep goes my insanely irritating alarm clock piercing my eardrums. I slowly get up and trudge towards my shiny white bathroom. I splash the freezing cold water over my face waking myself up and get into the shower. The noise of running water drowns out my thoughts and I stay in the shower for 15 minutes even though I know my parents will complain about the waste of ‘precious’ water. I pull on a low revealing top and some super short shorts, brush my golden yellow hair and put on some red sparkly high heels complete with a tiny pink shoulder bag. Flipping my shoulder-length hair out of my eyes I confidently stride out the door. I pull off my really tall heels and gallop down the stairs like a horse running from hunters. My dad appears right behind me, laughing I knock over a $450 Ming vase and leave my dad in its wait. I fling open the elaborate wooden carved door and dash outside. Waving goodbye to my astonished mum I hop into Sam’s car and kiss him. The kiss is sweet, soft and makes my heart flutter. He pulls out of the drive and swerves to avoid my grumpy grandma who is meant to be staying the day. Oops I think.  “Where to?” he asks.  “Anywhere away from my parents,” I reply grinning. He turns a sharp left and we speed away into the unknown.

The city rushes past in a blur, tall buildings, medium buildings and small buildings. The car in comparison seems minuscule to these giants. We finally stop at an amusement park and get out of the car. As neither of us have any money we have to sneak past the good looking guys. All I have to do is flirt with one of them and they let us in. 1000 000 rides later all thoughts of my family are banished.


Music – 

I GOT AN ITUNES GIFT VOUCHER FOR MY BIRTHDAY. 🙂 🙂 Oh and please watch/listen to Eurovision because it is really good and inspiring.

Final Statement –  

I would like to thank anyone that is reading my blog. (If anyone is reading it). Don’t forget to comment and stuff. Also I’m going to do a flashback tomorrow about my old primary school. Comment below if you have any funny primary school memories.

See you tomorrow,

Milamarshmallow Xx


3 thoughts on “Waiting for the bus :0 :0

  1. Lily says:

    Hi sorry this is so late I only just worked out how to use it but here are some old memories from primary school . Remember when in kindy onwards when we would build fairy houses, when u pretended to be an aroplane, when we would eat unripe malberries from the Garden guros garden 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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