2nd blog in 1 day😮😮

Howdy again,

General – 

I know I’m being naughty and posting another blog in the SAME day.  I just want to give a special mention to my BFFE (best friend for ever). Her online name is Frangipani girl and she has been one of my best friends for ages. I miss you Frangipani girl. 😭  😭 😭

Oh yeah I LOVE SUPERGLUE cause it saved and fixed my phone case.

Bye again,

Millamarshmallow Xx


2 thoughts on “2nd blog in 1 day😮😮

  1. pineappleprincess2277 says:

    Aww thanks 😘
    Hopefully your blog will attract people our age with the same thirteen year old problems!! Good luck 😉 💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

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