My name’s Camilla but everyone calls me Millamarshmallow. (Though I have no idea why.) I’m in year 8 and I just turned 13 (my unlucky number). I will be blogging about my life and snippets of stories I write/have written. I know that no-one will probably look at this blog but if you do read it. Thanks for even giving it a go. I wanted to start a blog to get out all life’s ups and downs and share some of my writing with the world. (Not sure that the world is going to see it. I just said it cause it sounded good). 🙂

My hobbies are cross country running, swimming, dance and talking (lol). I have a sister and two parents. I own no pets sadly but you can feel my pain when I say ‘I’m allergic to most types of cats and dogs and sometimes even horses. I HATE HAYFEVER!!!!

Please note that for the privacy of my friends (and family and invisible pets)I am changing all their names (I probably won’t remember all of them). Also if you are reading this you can tell I LOVE brackets. 🙂

Thx for reading and if you continue to read my blogs thanks for your support :).

Millamarshmallow Xx

P.S – I also love p.s’s.

P.P.S – I have some serious problems 🙂

P.P.P.S – The name with the email is fake I just use it cause I don’t like putting my name all over the internet. SO Yeah

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